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Monday, January 25, 2010

yippeeeee i sold all my stuff!!!

All i can say is wow!!!  Went to the car booty yesterday and all the odds and ends i bought at auctiion flew off the table yesterday and  i made enuff to cover what i bought at auction and buy some more  with a bit of profit as well ....
ohh this could be addictive ,
Since giving up work funds have been so very tight , sometimes non existant so  whenever i do a clearout i load everything up and head to  Glasgow to the car booty to recycle and  put some  pennies back in the big chicken ( i used to love watching the tv series bread and usually at the end all the family had to cough up what they'd made and they all put it  into a big ceramic hen in the middle of the table , so thats why we call our funds , the chicken, thought I had better explain, )
So the combined efforts of our preloved items and my auction buys made a  helpful sum , much needed as its Tiggys birthday  in under 2 weeks and as for any 11 year old there is an extensive list !!
One thing I was really pleasantly surprised abou,t I took a basket of cards with me and sold all but a  couple,.. so must make sure next time I go that I have a pile made up ,

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