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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Burns Supper

Tonight was Tiggy's School Burns' Supper. The kids have been working on it tirelessly for the last 3 weeks , practising  their songs poems  singing and dancing, and it all paid off, what a wonderful night we had with our kids entertaining us to some of Robert Burns best.

In her usual desire ro be different she didnt want to wear a white blouse and tarten sash so I ' adapted' and old bridesmaids dress that has been hanging around for  years and  I was loathed to get rid of cos its so beautifully made. It fitted her like a glove,  you would think it was made for her ,  and she added her own individual touch with a pair of black leather knee length pirate boots ( Where did she get this individual streak I wonder ? lol ) and she really was a Bonnie Lassie !!

She was really enrvous about getting up in front of people to sing , but manged it with out too many wobbles , and   had a couple of tunes on the recorder( thank goodness all that practising is finished, I thought she was killing a small animal in her room) .
Here's a pic of my gorgeous girl ,.. can't believe how grown up she looks ,.... sniff sniff

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

gave in to temptation

oh how weak willed am I!!! ..... Rediscovered Ruffle bars at the weekend ,... the bloke with the stall next to me at the market was selling chocolate and  as we kept each other  going , and made each other laugh throughout the day, he kindly gave me a whole load of these ,..I'd forgotten how good they are  until today , and had 2 in quick succession  mmmmmm ALL HAIL THE RUFFLE BAR

Monday, January 25, 2010

yippeeeee i sold all my stuff!!!

All i can say is wow!!!  Went to the car booty yesterday and all the odds and ends i bought at auctiion flew off the table yesterday and  i made enuff to cover what i bought at auction and buy some more  with a bit of profit as well ....
ohh this could be addictive ,
Since giving up work funds have been so very tight , sometimes non existant so  whenever i do a clearout i load everything up and head to  Glasgow to the car booty to recycle and  put some  pennies back in the big chicken ( i used to love watching the tv series bread and usually at the end all the family had to cough up what they'd made and they all put it  into a big ceramic hen in the middle of the table , so thats why we call our funds , the chicken, thought I had better explain, )
So the combined efforts of our preloved items and my auction buys made a  helpful sum , much needed as its Tiggys birthday  in under 2 weeks and as for any 11 year old there is an extensive list !!
One thing I was really pleasantly surprised abou,t I took a basket of cards with me and sold all but a  couple,.. so must make sure next time I go that I have a pile made up ,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

fab finds and my new hobby !!

I went to my first auction last week and am now hooked .
What a wonderful  experience, only downer was that funds weren't as abundant as i would have liked, but maybe thats a good thing or i would have  bought half  lots in the saleroom!!! I settled for this little beauty,  a gorgeous vintage steamer trunk , not sure whether to leave it alone or alter it in some way.
I love the leather handles and the chunky metal lock , might refurb the inside somehow but not sure with what , might just sit and look at it for inspiration !
Oh and forgot to mention that i also bought another vintage suitcase and a box of odds and ends that turned out to have some stunning crystal pieces and a few other bits that i am gonna try and sell on and get some  funds for the next one, where i have my eye on a particularly gogeous vintage blanket box and  a cutesy  vintage oak sewing box  which the auctioneer told me that because they didnt sell this week will go back into the auction next week,.... have reserved my spot already!!!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The wedding plans

My oldest daughter Lou and her fiance Ryan are getting married this summer after 10 years and 2 kids later!
What started off as us all jetting off on our hols to Jamaica, somehow then  morphed into a wedding!  which has now turned into a wedding, a huuuuuge reception when we get back and a logistical  challenge to co-ordinate what feels like 2 seperate weddings , to get it to all come together and feel like one big special occasion,... but I think with Lou's imagination, Ryans' patience and  all the parents contributions to the day , we might just pull off  a spectacular wedding.

The new year has obviously set the wedding planning into hyperdrive as we've spent the last 48 hrs ticking lots of boxes and making more lists ...  everythings booked , save the date cards have already gone out , venues  sorted , band  catering,kilts , photographer all organised , right down to the favours only one really important thing seems to be undecided, THE DRESS!! 
So yesterday after endless searching , she found  THE ONE ,  and has made the very brave decision to order direct from China, to keep costs down. After  lots of ooohs and aaaahs and a few tears it was business as usual but for just a few moments it felt like she was 5 again and had just seen her party dress for the first time ... sniff sniff

wedding gazebo and the pool at night  at the sunset jamaica grande

ocho rios jamaica


new year new me?!!!!

Hey I have actually managed to fulfil my first new year resolution, by actually posting something in January!!

You'd think with all the horrible weather grounding us , that I'd find more time huh?
Not so like most days its dribbled thru my fingers, having a massive re shuffle round the house and decorating the lounge which I suppose is the real culprit but its getting there ,.. almost done just a few accessories and finishing touches , and VOILA   pics will be posted soon i promise .

Not done much crafting but  have been pleased with what i've done, and that i'm  getting better all the time ... lots of commissions just now and seems like every second card  is done with my trusty Penny Blacks , cant wait to get some new ones, but life on a  budget means that no  definately means no  till I've saved more pennies ) .

penny black 'uplifting' stamp coloured with watercolour pencils and some paper and flowers from my stash