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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Burns Supper

Tonight was Tiggy's School Burns' Supper. The kids have been working on it tirelessly for the last 3 weeks , practising  their songs poems  singing and dancing, and it all paid off, what a wonderful night we had with our kids entertaining us to some of Robert Burns best.

In her usual desire ro be different she didnt want to wear a white blouse and tarten sash so I ' adapted' and old bridesmaids dress that has been hanging around for  years and  I was loathed to get rid of cos its so beautifully made. It fitted her like a glove,  you would think it was made for her ,  and she added her own individual touch with a pair of black leather knee length pirate boots ( Where did she get this individual streak I wonder ? lol ) and she really was a Bonnie Lassie !!

She was really enrvous about getting up in front of people to sing , but manged it with out too many wobbles , and   had a couple of tunes on the recorder( thank goodness all that practising is finished, I thought she was killing a small animal in her room) .
Here's a pic of my gorgeous girl ,.. can't believe how grown up she looks ,.... sniff sniff

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