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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The wedding plans

My oldest daughter Lou and her fiance Ryan are getting married this summer after 10 years and 2 kids later!
What started off as us all jetting off on our hols to Jamaica, somehow then  morphed into a wedding!  which has now turned into a wedding, a huuuuuge reception when we get back and a logistical  challenge to co-ordinate what feels like 2 seperate weddings , to get it to all come together and feel like one big special occasion,... but I think with Lou's imagination, Ryans' patience and  all the parents contributions to the day , we might just pull off  a spectacular wedding.

The new year has obviously set the wedding planning into hyperdrive as we've spent the last 48 hrs ticking lots of boxes and making more lists ...  everythings booked , save the date cards have already gone out , venues  sorted , band  catering,kilts , photographer all organised , right down to the favours only one really important thing seems to be undecided, THE DRESS!! 
So yesterday after endless searching , she found  THE ONE ,  and has made the very brave decision to order direct from China, to keep costs down. After  lots of ooohs and aaaahs and a few tears it was business as usual but for just a few moments it felt like she was 5 again and had just seen her party dress for the first time ... sniff sniff

wedding gazebo and the pool at night  at the sunset jamaica grande

ocho rios jamaica


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