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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Where do I start ???

Oh Dear . Has it really been that long since I posted , what ever happened to all the good intentions to post every day ,.. lol , well so much has happened .and know one would have known back in February what a crazy and challenging year it would turn out.
Right after my last post  , I found  a large lump and 2 weeks later had an appointment at the hospital where they gave me the devastating news that  I had breast cancer and  was shocked when they said I had to have  a radical mastectomy.
It was such a crazy time and   the whole family were stunned and shocked . I was supposed to be starting a new job the following day , and my  oldest daughter Lou was  putting the finishing touches to her Jamaican wedding ,
I dont think any of it really sunk in and to be hon est I just went along with everything the doctors told ne , because I just wanted to get rid of this awful thing.
I had surgery and recovered unbelievably quickly , mostly down to my stubborness me thinks , and the huge support from my family ... Tiggy was scared but was just amazing and I never lied to her , I told her everything and she was a real breath of fresh air ,.. felt  so devastated about the wedding , LOu and Ryan had to cancel the trip to Jamaica , cos the Docs said I would not be able to fly that far , so they rearranged the whole thing at a local church and venue here  with just a few months to go ,.. and i think fate plays a hand cos it was a truly amazing and very emotionaal day for everyone .
I went back to work after just 7 weeks and although its been hard , feel that it really helped maintain an element of normality even tho I've struggled with the tiredness at times .
So here I am 7 months on ,  still kicking and still trying to get a hold of this blogging
Been doing plenty of crafting and cardmaking , fallen in love with stamping and trying lots of new things .
I hope to get some pics  posted  soon.
Have been visiting lots of blogs and have found lots of inspiration .
Love Zoe Bunnys blogspot and all the amazing stamps and goodies vailable in her shop ,  and Mags Little things ,,,just beautiful ...
Soooooo. another promise to try and post every  day ( or so) .  and hope that nothing  gets in the way this time , hugs  Lori xxxx

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