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Friday, January 28, 2011

exciting news!!!

wow its been longer than I thought since I managed to post ,.. shame on me!!

So much has been happening so early into the year , and I'm soo excited I could just POP !!

I have  teamed up with an illustrator  who  is working on some gorgeous characters for a fabulous new stamp range .... something I have wanted to do for such a long time .

we have 4 designs done only another 8 to go !!
found a manufacturer and a company to supply the packaging, ,  so woooo hoooo here we go on what will be an exciting and hopefully successful journey , but most of all I can finally see my little creations come to life... and hopefully they will give others as much  pleasure as me ...

Hopefully all will go to plan and they will be launched later this year under Suburban Diva 
The stamps themselves are called LOU-LOU and TIGGY  dont want to give too much away so watch this space ..... more news and sneaky peeks to follow

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